Elevate Your Basketball Team’s Motivation

Elevate Your Basketball Team’s Motivation

Behind the great player, there is always have a coach who has contributed to shaping it. A potential young shoot, if not handled properly, could be useful. However, the most important to build your team is a strong relation. There are many coaches with above-average intelligence but cannot have a close relationship with the team.

Therefore, establishing a relationship with the team is the key to success, not only in a match but also when facing defeat, facing challenges, and creating harmony.


1. Understand Your Player

Observations to sort out potential players are not only enough from their brilliance on the field. However, if you are a coach, you should understand your players’ mental and physical is the key to building relationships. So, coaches can put self-forging patterns for players to mature. Tal is only in terms of physical or skill matters. Instead, it is to build mental steel from a young age.

2. Become a fun person

One of the annoying things that young people experience when communicating with their parents is their “clueless” attitude. Indeed, in terms of age and experience, a coach has tasted more acid and salt than a young basketball player. However, if we continue to obey without ever listening to our players, coach Bagus guarantees that there will be no closeness between the coach and the players. Without good basketball shoes, you won’t be able to play properly.

For that, a good way of communication is to be fun. One way is to be a good listener. By listening to complaints, players will feel appreciated, and their arguments are considered.

Besides, from time to time, we need to give advice. However, don’t overly justify the player’s personality. Instead, it expresses constructive advice. Because in the future, that advice can motivate players to restore their enthusiasm and confidence.


3. Be a Role Model

‘Practice what you Preach.’ To increase the players’ integrity and trust that they are learning from the right people is to model the correct technique or strategy in the players’ eyes. It will increase the players’ Respect and belief that their coach does not only come from talking. More than that, the maturity of experience can be a powerful solution for players when competing on the field. Remember, Respect is something earned, not something gave.


4. Set Common Goals

One of the challenges of being a trainer is bringing together the contents of their students’ heads. Therefore, equalizing the vision and mission is one of the most important things. By organizing collective agreements, the team will have guidelines for what they stand for. So that one day, it will grow a sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility. It will strengthen the relationship between the coach and the players.


5. Being humorous

An old saying says: ‘Kids do not learn from people they don’t like.’ It means that players will refuse to obey a coach they don’t like. Therein lies the importance of humor. By inserting jokes in the middle of a practice session, it will break the ice. The training atmosphere should be fun so that the closeness between the coach and the players will also be created there.

At the same time, joking is a stress release medium for the players. In addition to making the game fun, they are not burdened when competing. Now, what could be more beautiful than fighting with the best people around us? Now, to create that condition, be a person who can fuse with anyone regardless of age. While trying, coach!


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