Keratosis Pilaris What You Need To Know About Keratosis Pilaris

What You Need To Know About Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris are the patches or rough patches you see with tiny bumps on your skin, usually, you will see them in your upper arms, your cheeks another place like buttocks and even on your thighs. It’s totally a harmless disease that doesn’t give you any kind of sickness more it hurts at all it’s just come and go before 30. So if you having keratosis pilaris don’t worry that won’t do anything to do and won’t do any kind of harm to you so you don’t have to worry about it.

The disease can’t be cured or treated the only thing you can do is wait for it to go away and before that, you can just use some lotion and creams that will help you by making them a little better looking wise. that’s it, You can not get them away with just medicine they will leave when it’s time for them to leave.



Keratosis pilaris may occur at any age but mostly you will see this in young people only and you will know you have keratosis pilaris. As it will show these symptoms like.

The tiny bumps on your body skin won’t bring you any itchy feeling and or pain to you.

It will make your skin super dry 1n area having that keratosis pilaris.

It’s getting worse and worse with the change in season as it will make it worse for you and will lead you to have a drier skin and without any moisture and low humidity.

Want to get it checked?

Well, you can go to the doctor if you want but like I said there is no cure for it it will go when it wants too and you can not stop that. Yeah but by visiting the doc they might be able to help you with your appearance of the skin by giving you creams or location. The doc will examine properly and then will tell you about what exactly needs to use higher quality one for better service.

Keratosis pilaris is Result of building keratin in our body, a hard protein that potent our skin from many harmful diseases and infection-causing substances, it produces a scaly plug, that helps the opening of hair from our skull and skin it blocks the opening so the hair will stay there. And because of forming many patches are giving you drier skin. Rough skin, and bumpy skin.

No one really knows why the keratosis or keratin both why they build up in your skin maybe because of genetics or some kind of skin problem. That can lead to causing keratin but one thing is for sure that whatever the reason is for the Keratosis is that it can never be painful or hurt you in any way.

Try not letting it affect your daily life and make sure that you don’t let anyone tell you anything about it. Whenever someone tries to scare you up don’t worry about it this will never be going to stay forever in your skin will leave when it’s time. Other things you can do till then are that you can wear a sweatshirt maybe a full sleeve shirt that will hide these patched. Try to get away from direct contact of sun, it won’t hurt if you do get in contact but staying away from it helps you get an unnoticeable skin because dry skin will shine when you go to the sun.

If someone is making fun of you because of them in your school and try to bully you make sure not to pay attention to those people. As they don’t know anything about keratosis pilaris and they don’t want to know about it too. Just need their time pass by making fun of others and satisfying their needs so don’t waste your time explaining them about it. Just ignore and if they do not stop, complaining about their behavior to the teacher or your counselor of the school that will hazel these cases mostly.

So these were the things that you needed to know about the harmless disease called keratosis pilaris if you still haven’t gotten you to answer then read back and you will.