Home cleaning 11 useful cleaning gadget that will basically do the work for you

11 useful cleaning gadget that will basically do the work for you

The purpose of the gadget was to make our work easier. There has been immense evolution in gadgets in these past decades. Whether it’s for cleaning, or It’s for cooking, or for some heavy work gadgets always comes in hand. Cleaning your house is not an easy thing to do, while fully cleaning your house, it can take up to 2 and 3 hours or even more. Today I am going to show you some 11 useful cleaning gadgets that will basically do all the work for you.

Eye-Vac home touchless vacuum


This is an amazing gadget for cleaning, cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner is really hard. While you can take a look at this really great vacuum cleaner which stays at one place. Whatever you put in front of it, it will automatically suck that no matter if it’s the dust particles and other waste. It works without even touching the vacuum cleaner and give you a really great option to have in your place.

Whisk wiper

If you cook you know how hard it gets to clean a whisk, if you make something that is sticky and mix it with the whisker it stays there and not easy to wash. But this gadget will easily clean your whisk for you and remove all of that food that has been sticking to that whisk. Believe me, food lover are going to love this gadget.

Drain weasel

When you try to clean your dishes on your sink, there’s always some food that stuck there and sometimes your hair falls off and stuck there too. This end up getting collected in the filter of your sink and it blocks your sink and you get left with a sink full of water. So this gadget helps you remove all of that stuck food and other stuff and it’s very easy to use comes with a long stick and handle.


This is basically a gadget just made for cleaning only, we all familiar with mops and how they work and it’s really hard to clean them and wash them. With this Mopando you can easily clean and drain your mop and clean your house. It comes with a bucket that contains a drainer and a filler where you can keep your water and then drain the excessive amount of water from the mop through the drainer.

The snow wolf

The name explains the work of this gadget, as you may have seen in winter how thick snow can get in front of your door blocking your way. So cleaning all that snow with a shovel is old way and hard way that will take your whole day. Snow wolf is a simple gadget with a large wheel at its base and a digger is attached to a handle that gives you control of the wheel and digger too. With this carrying, snow is super easy.

Stuff and stiff

The idea of the gadget was to help you clean your children’s toys and keep them in a safe place. So they made a bean bag thing without beans this time you can put all your child stuffed animals and then sit on it without even worrying about anything. So clean and then enjoy it too what else you will need?

Titan trash compactor

The Titan trash compactor is a dustbin that can store more waste than a regular dustbin can. With its push inside technology, the trash will be compressed and you will have more space. Once you think the trash is almost above then there are handle attached with this dustbin with whom you can put down your trans super easily and can make space for more trash.

Microcurrent Facial Machine

You may have heard about getting a smartphone, but I will tell you that you get a smart bed. This bed will clean itself and make itself, will give you perfectly made bed with no wrinkles on the bed sheet or pillow or anything.

Palma brush cleaner

This brush cleaner will make any kind of brush looks new while cleaning it really neat. The purpose of this gadget was to use it for makeup brushes and help them get super clean and look like new. You can wear this Palmat brush cleaner in your hand like a glove so you can clean your brush above the sink and won’t make a mess.

Clean step XTC

This gadget is great for any person who really loves the clean atmosphere and hates germs. When you and your guest come home from outside your shoes get way too many germs and bacteria from outside. So to save you from all that you can just use this wear your shoe and place it in this step cleaner, where it will give a protecting layer to the soul of the shoe.

Glider magnetic window cleaner

Windows are easy to get dust, especially the outside part of the window gather so much of the dust and can make your house look bad. If you’re on the ground floor you can clean it by just going outside but if you live in an apartment or someplace that is not on the ground floor it gets hard to clean. For that, this gadget was made as it a wiper with magnet inside and comes in pairs so you can place one on the inside of the window and others on the outside and it will automatically wipe the same place which you are wiping.…

Home cleaning How to Spring Cean Your House in Just 8 Hours

How to Spring Cean Your House in Just 8 Hours

When you say spring clean it gives you the image of cleaning everything in the house from top to bottom, from side to side, and from front to back. Some people call it spring cleaning, some calls it general cleaning or some people just full house cleaning no matter what you call it it’s still going to be cleaning.

While talking about cleaning and clean stuff you can say it’s one of the women’s hobbies. That makes them feel good and happy about it when they are done cleaning the house fully from top to bottom according to their taste and style. Sorry man, you don’t get to choose in these things and if you try, we might kill you(joking) but yeah no one comes between a woman and her decoration of the house.

So when you talk about spring cleaning your house there is some advice that you can follow for a better and faster way to clean your house in a mere 8 hours.

Start with Bathroom: It will take an estimated 1.5 hours Max when cleaning the bathroom in your house you need to start with tiles and toilet seat, and your bathroom sink for that you can take a solution of baking soda and water, and scrub it on them perfectly. While it’s getting to clean you can to other things like cleaning the cabinets make sure you take everything out. First and then later try to clean the cabinets and throw whatever you don’t use and is empty and then put your stuff back in the clean cabinet. It’s been enough time, till now the solution must have done its work but let’s just let it sit there for more and we will go to shower and faucet. We need to make sure they are cleaning so for that take a scrubber and start cleaning them. Till the time you will be finished with that the tiles and toilet seats and sink would be done and now you can use water and clean all of them.

Bedroom: Bedroom can be pretty hard to clean and can take up to 2 hours to fully clean, start with your bed sheet to replace the bedsheet with new ones and put the old ones for washing. Then the same with pillow covers after that clean the side table of your bed. Then clean the draws of the bedroom and throw all the empty and useless stuff in the dustbin. Now take a solution of baking soda and sprinkle with the sprayer on the mattress. If you have it and don’t then it’s good, once you are done using a scrubber or a brush you clean that mattress and get it outside for wash and dry up. Then it’s time for your wardrobe and cabinets all of them keep your clothes folded and the ones that seem that they need to get washed then get them washed. After this just take a vacuum cleaner clean your room for any leftover possible dust and the most important thing take a wet wipe and start cleaning all your room windows.

Living room dining room: The same process takes the same amount of time too. Like the bedroom starts with table and then look for whatever thing you don’t need in all cabinets and throw them in the dustbin after that make sure you clean the fan, dining table and take out the cushion cover and sofa cover of sofa replace them with the new and take them to the washing machine. Then clean the windows with a wet wipe and then take the vacuum cleaner and clean the whole living room and dining room for dust particles.

kitchen: The most time-consuming part is there 2.5 hours it will take at least the kitchen going to start with removing the stove and cleaning the stove grates after that go to refrigerator take a look on the food. The one which has gotten bad place them for throwing them and another one that is edible and can be eaten place them on the other side. Then clean the whole refrigerator with cloth and make sure to clean every spot and place the good food inside again.

Go to the shelves part and start doing cleaning there and then you need to make sure you clean the microwave. To clean the microwave do a thing is to get a bowl containing lemon juice and water and boil it in microwave till the boiling point and leave it there. After that go and clean all the cabinets and then wipe the windows and countertops and make sure to wipe the dining table too, and later on, you need some for the microwave too from inside as it must be back to normal temperature till now. Now we will go to the sink and for that, you need to get baking soda Solution and scrub and once you did clean it with the vacuum cleaner to end it if there’s any possible dust.

And you are done with your house cleaning in a mere 8 hours.…